Tennessee ABC Class Instructors

Brittany Leonetti

Charlie Lutz

Charlie Lutz is a native of Nashville and a graduate of Belmont University.  He received his master's degree from the University of Cincinnati. While working in the restaurant industry for more than 22 years, he realized the importance of alcohol awareness and recognized the need for common-sense training. His experience and his passion for people are what inspired him to begin working with Chris Phillips and the "Aim To Serve" program.  The "Aim To Serve" curriculum is a valuable resource that offers practical application for service professionals. Charlie enjoys teaching and interacting with his students and can be found teaching classes every Wednesday at Mellow Mushroom-21st Avenue Nashville at 10:30AM, every Thursday at Beyond The Edge-East Nashville at 10:00AM, and at Panera Bread on Mallory Lane.

Corey M Osborne

Lauren Payne

Key Petkus

Kay Petkus I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I now live in Bristol, Virginia. I have worked in the restaurant industry for over thirty years, doing everything from fine dining to the club scene. For the last eighteen years I have worked for Applebee's. I have twelve years of management experience and am currently bartending. I have taught the responsible service of alcohol class for the past fifteen years, and I have a wonderful husband, three kids, seven grandchildren, and two dogs which I love very much. Kay teaches classes that are scheduled at Stateline Bar.

Christie Rutledge

Alicia Simon

Shay Smith

Shay Smith has been training with the Aim To Serve program since 2013. She has been a part-time server at Noshville Deli since 2001, as well as, a full time Human Resources professional in the banking, manufacturing, and engineering industries since 1993. She and her husband are also investors in Blue Moon Waterfront Grille which is a seasonal restaurant on the Cumberland River at Rock Harbor Marina. Shay has always enjoyed her work as a server because it provides such a nice change of pace from her HR profession and allows her to meet all kinds of people - students, musicians, tourists, professionals, and even the occasional celebrity - you name it, all maner of customers comes through Noshville. Server Permit training classes provide her the same kind of interaction opportunities while still using her HR training skills. However, in the trainer setting, Shay gets to interact with and learn from servers that represent all parts of Tennessee's hospitality industry whether they serve at hotels, catering or the busy establishments of downtown Nashville. It's the people that make training classes fun! Her classes are every other Wednesday at the Center615 office in Nashville at 4:45 PM.

Ashley Upchurch

Ashley Upchurch is a graduate from Tennessee Tech University with a business degree specializing in human resources. She has been in the hospitality industry for over fifteen years. As a teenager she started as a hostess and worked her way up to bar manager of multiple high volume bars such as: Tootsies Orchid Lounge and General Manager of Fishlipz Bar & Grill. She is very passionate about  the industry and enjoys sharing her well-rounded knowledge during her classes. Ashley applies interactive teaching methods, quirky statistics, along with the knowledge given by the great state of Tennessee to deliver a fun filled class that you should check out soon!

Betsy Webb