What to Expect - TABC Classes for Server Permit

The Training.

The Aim To Serve course is approximately five hours long and the goal is for you to leave the class with a better understanding of the great responsibility that you have as a server of alcohol. Keep in mind that your job is no different than any other profession. You will obviously learn new terms, techniques, strategies, and short cuts that will make you a more polished server of alcohol. The course is designed to introduce you to these strategies, techniques, and terms.

Course Objectives.

The objective of the program is to improve your ability to recognize signs of intoxication. In addition, it will help give you an understanding on how to ensure that your guests will have a safe time while they are drinking in your establishment. Also improving your confidence in handling the sometimes difficult situations which may arise from time to time in your establishment. We'll teach you about how alcohol interacts with the body, how to identify intoxication and who might have a potential higher risk of becoming intoxicated.

Upon Completion.

There are many other strategies and techniques that will also be important for you to learn. Your employer will be able to introduce and train you in the manner that they see fit. Upon completion of this course you will be Aim to Serve certified. Your test results will be submitted to your local state agencies, if required, for the issuance of any government license(abc card). It is also good practice to carry a copy of your server permit on you as well as having a copy at your establishment. Your trainer will be available to answer any questions you may have as we Aim To Serve.